In last Tuesday's midterm elections, Republicans retook the U.S. Senate, giving them control of both houses of Congress. What do you think?

"You know, they say people get the government they deserve, but I don't recall knife-raping any retarded nuns."

Jared Andruss • Shipping Clerk

"Don't blame me, I voted for the Green Party. Hee hee hee! Aren't I the dickens?"

Melissa Kendall • Student

"On the bright side, the Democrats did triumphantly retake the Kansas governorship."

Thom Abboud • Cashier

"I'm confused. It was my understanding that the Democrats had already rolled over and died after Sept. 11."

Elaine Dorner • Speech Pathologist

"The American people have spoken. And they have said, 'Duhhh, I likes chockomut ice cream.'"

Rodney Garn • Systems <br>Analyst

"Gosh, that election really sucked. Well, at least it'll probably be the last one we ever have."

Raymond&nbsp;Thatcher • Architect