47 Weak-Willed Senators Bend To Interests Of Powerful American People

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WASHINGTON—Saying the closely watched Senate vote clearly demonstrated where the elected officials’ loyalties lay, political observers confirmed that 47 weak-willed lawmakers bent to the interests of the powerful American public Monday by voting in favor of measures that would bar anyone on government terror watchlists from purchasing firearms. “Based on the votes that these senators brazenly cast in front of cameras and the media, it was easy—and actually rather shameless—to see just how much they were beholden to the desires of the American populace,” said Beltway analyst Jennifer Curtis, who added that the nearly four dozen senators who voted for the proposed gun control bills undoubtedly took their cues from the citizenry of the United States, unashamedly falling in line with whatever political positions the overwhelming majority of Americans subscribe to. “This is just another example of certain lawmakers kowtowing to the strong, persuasive voice of the people. It’s hard to believe that such blatant puppets of the American public could even get elected in our country, but there you have it.” Curtis added that, thankfully, there were enough senators brave enough to stand up against the millions of impassioned letters, phone calls, and other strong-arm tactics used by the people they represent to prevent the bill from passing.