WASHINGTON—Pulling around the acoustic guitar slung over his back and slowly strumming a D chord that rang throughout the House Chamber, President Donald Trump performed his self-written song “The Story Of America” Tuesday night before a joint session of Congress. “Well, our tale begins way back in 1775 in the American colonies, when a group of men took on a tyrannical king who had forced them to live on their knees,” said Trump, who sat atop the rostrum while playing the four-minute-long fingerpicked song that told of Washington crossing the Delaware River and how the patriot Nathan Hale “swung from a tree in the name of liberty.” “So each time you gaze upon the beautiful red, white, and blue, remember the brave men who risked their heads to secure freedom for me and you. Now, everybody clap along!” After concluding the song and pausing to retune the strings of his guitar, Trump reportedly then began playing a slow ballad called “When Uncle Sam Got Jew’d.”


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