The Democratic National Convention is underway, and much of the focus is on Al Gore's running mate, Joseph Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew. What do you think of the prospect of a Jewish vice-president?

"It's hard to imagine the possibility of a Jew in a position of power and influence."

Danielle Sisler • Dental Hygienist


"Aren't we all jumping to conclusions here? Just because his name is Lieberman doesn't mean he's Jewish."

Sarah Slocombe • Librarian

"If the Jews want one of their own in the White House, why are they going through all these non-devious, above-ground channels?"

Nate Robinson • Systems Analyst


"A Jew in the White House? He's gonna start passing all sorts of crazy measures, like, 'The American people should eat something, already.'"

Paul Zygmund • Locksmith

"So instead of just Jew York, we gonna have Jew everything? Jew Mexico, Jew Orleans, and Jewisville, Kiketucky? And I ain't bass fishin' on no Lake Jewperior."

Bob MacTaggart • Roofer


"I got nothin' against the Jews, but let me put it this way: Would you want your daughter to nominate one for vice-president? I rest my case."

Frederick Hutch • Airline Pilot

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