Authorities Believe Man Radicalized While Serving 18 Years In Congress

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WASHINGTON—Saying that being confined in such a volatile environment was known to have devastating psychological repercussions, FBI officials reported Wednesday that Ohio man Patrick Kinsey had apparently become radicalized during his 18 years spent inside of the U.S. Congress. “We’ve uncovered evidence that leads us to believe this elected official became heavily influenced by hardline extremists and religious fanatics during his time serving in the country’s legislative branch,” said FBI spokesperson Irene Jessup, adding that the representative appeared to have fallen in with a powerful fundamentalist faction during his first days in the congressional chamber and quickly adopted their strict interpretation of a fringe ideology. “While he may have arrived as a seemingly ordinary moderate, we believe he’s been completely indoctrinated in this rigid mindset and is currently recruiting others to join him and take up radical causes. At this time, his worldview has become so narrowed that he responds to any outside beliefs with apocalyptic rhetoric and by making grandiose threats.” Jessup further revealed that it was clear the political extremist was fully intent on bringing about the total destruction of the U.S. government.

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