Illustration for article titled Authorities Confirm North Korea Now Has Missile Capable Of Hitting Sam Waterston’s House

WASHINGTON—Offering a stark and sobering assessment of the consequences of a military conflict with the nuclear-armed nation, the Central Intelligence Agency confirmed Wednesday that North Korea now possesses missile technology capable of reaching Sam Waterston’s house. “According to an analysis of satellite images and data gathered from recent tests, it appears that the residence of longtime Law & Order actor Sam Waterston now lies within the range of North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missiles,” said CIA spokesperson Rebecca Levin, explaining in bleak terms how the multitalented star of both screen and stage would have only 10 minutes of advance warning in the event of a launched attack, likely making it impossible for the Academy Award nominee to safely flee any direct strike on his property. “While we have a high degree of confidence in our country’s anti-ballistic missile defense system, there remains a possibility that an incoming ICBM could enter American airspace and detonate directly above Mr. Waterston. This is a distinct and terrifying prospect that I can assure you we do not take lightly.” Levin added that, while the intelligence remains as yet inconclusive, it appears that North Korea may possess multiple functional nuclear warheads, leaving open the dire possibility of a simultaneous strike on Waterston’s primary residence, vacation home, and sailboat.


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