Illustration for article titled Biden Says Incredible Comeback Proves He Can Beat Progressive Democrat In A General Election

LOS ANGELES—Touting his Super Tuesday victories as evidence that he would stand strong in the face of any real change, Joe Biden announced Wednesday that his incredible electoral comeback proves he can beat a progressive Democrat in the general election. “Democratic voters have spoken, they know that when it comes to the presidential election, I would be by far the most likely candidate to defeat Bernie Sanders,” said Biden, who cited his strength among a wide variety of demographic groups as proof he was the unity figure the party needs to fight back against the Democratic Socialists they would be facing in November. “People know this election is the most important of our lifetime, and we need to nominate someone who can stop progressive policies in their tracks. In fact, if we harness that energy, I have no doubt we can deliver a resounding defeat to the entire Democratic party.” Biden ended his victory speech by claiming that if this momentum continued, the Democrats could be celebrating their biggest victory over their opponents ever at July’s convention.

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