The Senate continues to debate John Bolton's nomination for UN ambassador, with Bush threatening to appoint him in spite of their concerns. What do you think?

"Man, if the Democrats are going to block every terrible idea Bush has, nothing's ever going to get done in Washington."

Mindy Biancardi • Designer


"Appointing Bolton to the UN is like appointing a fish to ride a bicycle that he hates and wishes to destroy."

Seth Johnson • Systems Analyst

"He may look gruff, but I'm sure he's quite warm and grandfatherly once you get to know him. We're talking about Wilford Brimley, right?"

David Wilcox • Desk Clerk


"It's amazing! I've been following this story from day one, and I still don't give a shit."

Kevin Mouton • Sportscaster

"Some people say I look like John Bolton. You see the resemblance? No? It's the mustache."

Brian Dixon • Optician


"All these problems stem from the Bush Administration's refusal to hand over documents requested from them. Isn't about time we outlaw documents?"

Kim Murillo • Fire-Alarm Installer

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