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LOS ANGELES—Citing statistics that showed a sharp decline in the number of pageviews and unique users over the past week, media industry observers noted Thursday that traffic to, the right-wing current affairs and opinion website, has continued to fall as more readers begin getting their news analysis from graffiti scrawled throughout their neighborhoods. “While Breitbart has long been a leading online destination for those on the far right, it is suddenly facing stiff competition from remarks spray-painted across communities nationwide, as many of the site’s regular readers begin looking to the sides of local homes, schools, and mosques for the news and opinions they seek,” said media analyst Meghan Trally, who noted that graffitied commentary across the country, including popular critiques like “Go Home Jews” and “Make America White Again,” appeared to be resonating strongly with the site’s readership, leading to the starkly lower engagement numbers seen on the site’s more recent opinion and editorial pieces. “Breitbart is at a serious disadvantage here. Frankly, the site just can’t compete with the accessibility and the reach that all these spray-painted social, political, and cultural comments have, particularly with their attention-grabbing wordings and their eye-catching use of accompanying smashed windows and crude swastikas. It’s unclear how, or even if, the site can win back its readers’ hearts.” At press time, Breitbart executives were holding meetings with their marketing department about ways to tap into the new platform.

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