Illustration for article titled Buttigieg Campaign Appeals To Moderate Republicans By Touting Low Approval Among Black Voters

SOUTH BEND, IN—In an effort to unite disparate groups of white Americans, the Pete Buttigieg campaign released a new series of ads Monday appealing to moderate Republicans by touting the candidate’s low approval rate among black voters. “We hope that any Republican who finds Trump beyond the pale will turn to our campaign and see just how few black supporters we have,” said Buttigieg of the 30-second TV spot, which featured polling data illustrating how poorly he tracks in urban areas and showed footage of him refusing to shake hands with black voters. “Whether you’re more of a centrist white person or a fiscally conservative one, all whites have a home in the Buttigieg campaign. You can rest assured knowing that we’ve received no endorsement from the NAACP or any minority organizations. For the most part, black voters don’t even know who I am. And if they do know me, they don’t care for me.” At press time, the Buttigieg campaign released a new policy proposal emphasizing how his presidency would benefit every rich white person.


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