Illustration for article titled Carly Fiorina Promises To Fight For Whoever Everyday Americans Are

BOULDER, CO—Vowing to be a forceful advocate for the group, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina promised during her opening remarks at Wednesday’s GOP debate that she would fight tirelessly for whoever everyday Americans are. “I will work day and night throughout my presidency to make sure that ordinary folks, whoever they happen to be and whatever they do with themselves, have a voice in Washington,” said Fiorina, adding that if she were elected, average Americans would know they finally had a government that represented them, wherever they come from exactly. “Middle-class families, if that’s precisely what you call them, are what make this country great. They deserve a president who will defend them each and every day from big government, assuming that’s what they need to be defended from. I think that’s it.” Fiorina’s remarks contrasted sharply with those of fellow candidate Donald Trump, who said he knew exactly who everyday Americans were but could care less.

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