LAS VEGAS—Saying the presidential candidate simply wouldn’t go on stage unless her requests were met, Hillary Clinton’s campaign staffers informed CNN producers Tuesday that her dressing room must be stocked with four pounds of flavorless protein paste ahead of tonight’s Democratic primary debate. “Please provide one (1) carton containing no less than 64 ounces of unflavored protein paste, which is to be waiting pre-opened and at room temperature on the candidate’s dressing table before she arrives,” wrote Clinton campaign manager Robert Mook in a rider sent to CNN, which also included a request for a single flat wooden paddle with which to consume the paste. “Do not provide any other food items or beverages, as their presence is unnecessary and will upset the candidate. The protein paste is all that is required.” At press time, debate stagehands were scrambling to meet the Clinton campaign’s further request that the dressing room’s audio system play a steady continuous tone at 440 hz.