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CHAPPAQUA, NY—Brushing aside insinuations that she had anything to do with the rancorous confirmation process, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton laughed off Wednesday the idea that she was politically savvy enough to run a revenge campaign against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. “It’s utterly ridiculous to think that I, of all people, would have the political acumen to take down Judge Kavanaugh,” said Clinton, who pointed to her squandering what amounted to a sure bet to be elected president in 2016 as proof that she was far too inept to perpetrate the kind of elaborate political hit job on Kavanaugh that others had accused her of. “Come on, did you see the way I bungled all those allegations about my emails during the race? Or my totally pathetic efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? I haven’t even been able to shed false accusations of murder from 25 years ago. If I had tried to derail his confirmation, the whole scheme would have backfired and he’d be sitting on the Supreme Court by now.” Clinton also scoffed at the notion that she would have any impulse to do anything about the Supreme Court pick other than play up his right-wing views while soliciting donations from her base.


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