Clinton Promises To Enact Agenda Whether Or Not She Elected

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LAS VEGAS—After laying out her vision for the country during the first Democratic debate Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton reportedly vowed that she would enact her agenda whether or not she is elected. “A quality, affordable education should be accessible to all Americans who are willing to put in the hard work, and I promise that I will carry through this initiative whether or not I become the next president of the United States,” said Clinton, asserting that support or opposition from the nation’s voters would have zero impact on her implementation of such a platform in the years ahead. “Tax relief for the middle class and small businesses, the defense of reproductive rights for all women, and universal background checks for gun purchases will be accomplished regardless of whether you agree or disagree, or if I receive the Democratic nomination or 270 electoral votes in the general election. All of these things will come to be.” At press time, the presidential hopeful looked directly into the camera and declared that her plan to create a path to citizenship for undocumented workers was already underway and could not be stopped.


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