NEW YORK—Emphasizing that she once faced the same challenges and anxieties as so many of the city’s residents, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reminded voters at a campaign rally Monday that she too moved to New York hoping to make her career dreams come true, sources reported. “I can still remember how nervous I was when I first got here in 1999, not sure how I’d adjust to the big city or if I’d ever fit in,” said Clinton, adding that, just as with so many others drawn to the glamour or favorable demographics of the Empire State, life in New York was almost totally unfamiliar to her when she arrived seeking the next step in her career. “I know what it’s like to hear that nagging little voice in the back of your head telling you that you don’t belong here. And I remember how scary it was to take such a big leap, afraid that the job I really wanted wouldn’t work out. But I also knew that this was the best place to be for what I wanted to do next.” Clinton added that although she still treasured her time in New York, she eventually came to recognize, like so many other out-of-state transplants, that her true home would always be back in the White House.