Illustration for article titled CNN Moderator Challenges Sanders’ Support For Women By Asking Him To Name Every Part Of Female Reproductive System

DES MOINES, IA—In light of the Democratic presidential candidate’s alleged comments on the electiblity of a female candidate, CNN debate moderator Wolf Blitzer challenged Bernie Sanders Tuesday to prove his support for women by accurately naming each part of the female reproductive system. “All of them—you have 30 seconds,” said Blitzer, gesturing toward an unlabeled anatomical diagram of the female reproductive organs. “As a progressive candidate, this is your opportunity to show your advocacy for women’s rights once and for all by listing every part of the female genitalia, internal and external, in alphabetical order and then from largest to smallest. Don’t forget any of the ligaments or blood vessels.” At press time, Sanders attempted to transition to discussing policy before being cut off and forced to draw the vulva.


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