Illustration for article titled Diplomatic Pete Buttigieg Quickly Changes Subject From Politics At Town Hall To Avoid Arguments

AMES, IA—Attempting to redirect the conversation to a more neutral topic that would prevent anyone from getting too worked up, a diplomatic Pete Buttigieg quickly changed the subject Wednesday when politics came up at a town hall event. “Hey, I get asked about political stuff all the time—let’s find something else to talk about,” said the presidential candidate, who later responded to an audience question about climate change by asking if anyone in attendance had a good Instant Pot recipe they would like to share. “We don’t want to get onto topics like immigration and student debt and get all bogged down in policy minutiae. What have you guys been watching on Netflix lately? Let’s just keep it light and get to know each other.” Buttigieg reportedly went on to spend much of the event soliciting details from the crowd about what kinds of fun things they have planned for the summer.


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