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WASHINGTON—In a letter to top donors explaining how their contributions would now be spent more efficiently than ever, the Democratic National Committee announced plans Tuesday to streamline its fundraising by completely eliminating the unnecessary costs of campaigns and candidates. “We’re confident that once our party is freed from the burden of putting forth nominees and running expensive campaigns, we’ll finally be able to focus all our efforts on generating as much revenue as possible,” wrote DNC chairman Tom Perez, adding that he hoped an upcoming series of fundraisers to which the letter’s recipients were invited would help pay for even bigger fundraisers down the line. “So just go online, make your donation, and we’ll take it from there. Whether you’re able to give $5 a month or cut us a check for the annual maximum of $35,500, we promise to take that money and put it toward making even more money. We’re confident that with no candidates or platforms to disagree on, Democrats of every stripe will unite to give us the financial support we’ve always wanted. Together, we can do this.” At press time, reports confirmed Perez was threatening to disburse all cash on hand to President Trump’s reelection campaign if donors failed to reach the DNC’s spring fundraising goal.


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