Illustration for article titled Elizabeth Warren Spends Evenings Tutoring Underperforming Candidates On Creating Comprehensive Policy

AMES, IA—Hoping to give them the tools they will need to succeed in the 2020 election, White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren has been spending her evenings tutoring underperforming presidential candidates on how to craft comprehensive policy proposals, sources reported Thursday. “Given my expertise in this area, I think it’s important to reach out to candidates who have fallen behind when it comes to putting together a plan that will take the country where it needs to go,” said the Massachusetts senator who tutors Pete Buttigieg, John Hickenlooper, Julián Castro, and others each week, allowing them to submit ideas on issues from climate change to gun control so she can evaluate and give notes on their work. “It’s only a couple hours a week out of my campaign schedule, and I believe it’s my duty to help candidates who can’t help themselves. Some of them, like Beto or de Blasio, may never get it, but if I can reach even one of them, I’ll know I’ve done my job. It’s my way of giving back.” At press time, Warren had reportedly been forced to pull Joe Biden aside and lecture him after she discovered he was simply copying from the other candidates.


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