Illustration for article titled Embarrassed Heart Surgeon Admits He May Have Accidentally Left Sanders’ Medical Records In Candidate’s Chest

LAS VEGAS—Acknowledging the blunder following public pressure that his patient release the confidential documents, embarrassed heart surgeon Dr. Michael Sharrer admitted to reporters Monday that he may have accidentally left Bernie Sanders’ medical records in the candidate’s chest. “Honestly, I just set them down for a second, and before I knew it he was all closed up,” said Sharrer, who speculated that he must have misplaced the Vermont senator’s health records inside Sanders’ thoracic cavity while performing the stent procedure with the scalpel in one hand and the files in the other back in October. “It was a manila folder filled with all kinds of test results and charts. It probably got tucked behind the rib cage. I really should have been more careful considering that was our only copy. We could try an X-ray, but they might be difficult to read because they’re probably all bloody. Man, we should really switch to digital records.” At press time, Sanders’ critics were calling upon the presidential candidate to cut open his chest to release the records.

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