Illustration for article titled Experts Warn Repeated Attempts At Eradicating Obamacare May Have Created Ultra-Resistant Super Law

WASHINGTON—After persistent efforts by Republicans to wipe out the healthcare law over the past seven years, experts warned Wednesday that the repeated attempts at eradicating Obamacare may have created an ultra-resistant super law. “Given the frequency with which lawmakers have unsuccessfully tried to exterminate the Affordable Care Act, the growing resiliency of this legislation could soon be insurmountable,” said Institute for Healthcare Improvement senior fellow Curt Greenwood, adding that the landmark healthcare overhaul could grow impervious to any repeal measures or even major amendments within just a few short congressional sessions. “What we once thought would be eliminated by now will instead require considerably more time and resources. And at a certain point, no interventions on the part of any branch of government will be sufficient to overcome the ACA’s built-in resistance.” According to Greenwood, however, hope remained that sufficiently high doses of single-payer healthcare legislation could potentially offer a cure.


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