Illustration for article titled Frustrated Debate Moderator Reminds Audience To Refrain From John Kasich Chants While Other Candidates Speaking

CLEVELAND—After the fourth such interruption of the night forced him to pause Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, frustrated moderator Chris Wallace sternly reminded attendees to refrain from any John Kasich chants while other candidates were speaking. “Please, ladies and gentlemen, let’s keep this debate respectful,” said Wallace over the din of the effusive crowd, admonishing audience members for cutting into Chris Christie’s time by erupting into loud impromptu chants of “Ka-Sich! Ka-Sich! Ka-Sich!” “I don’t want to have to call security, but if you continue to chant loudly and hiss at the other participants, I will have each person in the audience removed. Aw, for Christ’s sake, not again.” At press time, half the crowd was shouting “John” while the other half responded with “Kasich.”


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