GOP Candidates Offered Cash Voucher To Give Up Spot And Participate In Later Election

WASHINGTON—Noting that the field of presidential hopefuls currently exceeded maximum capacity, the Republican National Committee announced Monday it was offering a cash voucher to any GOP candidates willing to give up their spot in the 2016 race and run again in a later election. “We’re unfortunately unable to accommodate every candidate in our current primary race, so we’re offering $2.5 million in campaign funding to anyone open to rescheduling their presidential run to the next available contest in 2020 or to another later race,” said RNC chairman Reince Priebus, adding that anyone interested in the offer should come forward now before the party was forced to begin bumping candidates from the current election cycle involuntarily. “In addition to the financing voucher, which can be redeemed toward any GOP presidential primary before 2036, we’re also offering any candidates willing to change their plans the chance to upgrade to a center podium at the primary debates free of charge.” At press time, Priebus added that the RNC would also throw in two complimentary Koch brothers, an $80 billion value, to anyone who accepted the offer.


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