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WASHINGTON—In the wake of federal charges brought against the California lawmaker for multiple egregious campaign finance violations, GOP leadership released a statement Friday calling for Congressman Duncan Hunter’s resignation following the revelation that he is, in fact, poor. “Congressman Hunter’s actions simply do not line up with the Republican party’s core principles with regards to the possession of personal wealth. The simple fact that the representative does not have enough money to pay for third or even second homes, private schooling for his children, or basic cosmetic health care, constitutes a betrayal of everything the party stands for,” the statement read in part. “This gross lack of personal finances does not represent the Grand Old Party writ large. That Duncan Hunter held actual middle-class status for years, instead of merely pretending to share middle-class values, is absolutely reprehensible behavior unbefitting a Republican congressman.” Beltway insiders expect Hunter to resign his office and relinquish his House seat to an astoundingly wealthy party member as soon as possible.


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