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WASHINGTON—Urging a return to civility amid a contentious confirmation fight, GOP officials called Thursday for calmer, more reasonable death threats to be made toward Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser. “We understand there’s a lot of controversy around this, but she still deserves to have people threaten to kill her in a polite way,” said Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who added that cooler heads must prevail, especially when dealing with a situation as delicate as taunting the accuser by vowing to broadcast her family’s home address. “It’s important for us to maintain a sense of decorum. Now, that doesn’t mean we have to stop sending graphic emails—it just means we should tone down the rhetoric about mutilating her corpse. You should always take the high road and leave her children out of this. Remember, there’s really no need to use misogynistic slurs such as ‘bitch’ when ‘lying whore’ will suffice.” At press time, Grassley reiterated that a “true conservative” would terrorize her in a way that would “make our founding fathers proud.”


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