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WASHINGTON—Explaining the position was essentially a minor role, the GOP quickly pointed out Wednesday that Michael Cohen was merely the Republican National Committee’s deputy finance chairman. “Look, at the end of the day, all Michael Cohen did was help oversee the finances for one of the two major American political parties in a leading capacity,” said RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, adding that the president’s lawyer, who was under investigation for $20 million in bank fraud, was only the second most powerful person when it came to determining the nationwide organization’s budget and long-term financial goals. “Seriously, he wasn’t in charge of all of the money; there were at least two or three people above him. People are acting like Cohen was this super important figure, but when you look at it, he just worked in a top position for a political group representing over 60 million Americans.” The GOP was also quick to point out that Paul Manafort, who was found guilty of eight counts of financial crimes, only served as the campaign manager for the current United States president, performing minor tasks such as handpicking Mike Pence as Donald Trump’s running mate.


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