The election results have left many people with the urge to stay politically engaged and keep fighting for change. Here are some ways to make a difference whether your chosen candidate won or lost:

Don’t just head to the polls in presidential election years. Vote in smaller, more regional junior high and high school class elections as well.

Seek more of a leadership role within the comments section of your brother-in-law’s latest political rant.

Finally mailing in that ballot couldn’t hurt.

Counteract the environmental impact of America’s likely withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change by bringing your own bag to the grocery store.


Consider signing a couple petitions that are unrelated to casting choices for film adaptations of comic books.

Support the freedom of the press by sending a big scoop their way whenever you can.


The internet can often blur fact and speculation. Fight misinformation online with a polite dismantling of FaggotHunter1974’s argumentum ad baculum fallacy.

Volunteer your time at least an hour each week meeting up with like-minded people to concur that you are worried about the direction in which this country is headed.