Illustration for article titled Jill Biden Urges Democratic Voters To Ignore Which Candidates Are Mentally Sharp Enough To Finish Complete Sentences For Good Of Party

WASHINGTON—In a strongly worded show of support for her husband, former second lady Jill Biden urged voters Tuesday to ignore which Democratic candidates are mentally sharp enough to finish complete sentences in favor of doing what is best for the Democratic Party. “This is a critical time for our country, and to beat Donald Trump, we cannot focus on who can string together three or four words coherently or provide the American people with a lucid plan for the future,” said Biden, adding that Democrats across the nation should come together and ignore those who can speak in interviews without uttering garbled nonsense. “We are at a crucial crossroads and we shouldn’t just be persuaded by someone with the mental capacity to know where they are or what they’re doing. This isn’t about plans, ideas, or the ability to remember what their advisors told them right before the interview. This is about winning back the Oval Office.” At press time, Biden insisted that Democrats should be concerned with current polls and disregard a candidate’s words, actions, and incompetence.

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