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WASHINGTON—Repeatedly attacking the credibility of President Trump’s former lawyer and asking why the House Oversight Committee should believe anything he says, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) spent the bulk of his allotted time during Michael Cohen’s hearing Thursday demanding that he accept blame for covering up the alleged sexual abuse of wrestlers at Ohio State University. “I am not sure how you expect us to just sit here and trust that you’re actually going to tell the truth about your involvement with the president when you’ve said absolutely nothing about these scandalous abuse allegations—what are you hiding?” said Jordan, interrupting another congressperson’s questioning to call attention to the fact that paperwork Cohen submitted ahead of the hearing contained nothing about knowing that hundreds of OSU wrestlers were abused by a team doctor, including during the period from 1986 to 1994 when Jordan served as an assistant coach. “Who are you to accuse the president of crimes given your shady past and connections to Ohio State? You’re obviously only doing this to distance yourself from this disgraceful cover-up, and the fact that you won’t admit to your role in it completely invalidates any shred of decency you might have. Frankly, sir, you are a disgrace to the Buckeyes.” An irate Jordan also informed Cohen in front of the committee that it was particularly galling to hear that someone would turn around and betray those who had trusted him.


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