Illustration for article titled John Delaney Sends Fundraising Email To Wife Asking To Use More Of Their Money On His Campaign

BETHESDA, MD—Noting that the coming months were crucial to determining who would stay in the running for the Democratic nomination, the campaign of presidential candidate John Delaney sent a fundraising email to his wife Monday asking to use more of the couple’s money on his bid for the White House. “Dear April, we need another $15 million from our personal fortune to help bring our message to the American people: Will you donate today?” read the email signed by the candidate and sent solely to his wife, observing that she had been a frequent supporter of John Delaney since she married him almost 30 years ago. “Obviously, you’re a believer in this cause. Otherwise, you and I wouldn’t discuss it over the phone most nights. But we need to increase our contributions if we’re going to make it to the third debate in September. Will you act now and give me the go-ahead?” The fundraising email went on to state that if April Delaney made her donation within the next week, she would be entered in a drawing for a chance to grab a drink with her husband and chat one-on-one.

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