Illustration for article titled John Hickenlooper Sets Ambitious $250 Fundraising Goal For Next Debate Cycle

DENVER—Calling upon donors to take his campaign to new, unprecedented heights, Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper set an ambitious $250 fundraising goal Tuesday for next the debate cycle. “It certainly won’t be easy, but with your help, we can grow from a grassroots campaign with virtually nothing to a grassroots campaign with $250 dollars,” said Hickenlooper at a recent rally, bucking the warnings of advisors who cautioned him to stay below an “already insane” $100 ceiling for the next financial quarter. “I know it sounds impossible now, but if 25,000 Americans donate just one cent to Hickenlooper 2020, we’ll reach $250 in no time. That’s why I’m introducing exclusive merchandise, meet-and-greets, and private dinners for top-tier donors who give within the $1 to $5 range.” At press time, sources confirmed that Hickenlooper’s campaign funds were still stuck at zero.


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