Illustration for article titled Joni Ernst Insists She Hasn’t Seen Any Impeachment Evidence That Has Changed Her Self-Serving Political Calculus

WASHINGTON—Suggesting that she was likely to vote to acquit, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) told reporters Tuesday that she still hadn’t seen any evidence in the impeachment process that had changed her self-serving political calculus. “I’ve kept an open mind from the beginning, but nothing I have seen thus far has altered the fundamental nature of my reelection prospects in my home state,” said Ernst, adding that while some of the president’s actions have been questionable, she didn’t believe they had risen to a level that would harm her standing amongst conservative Iowa voters. “Though they’ve had plenty of opportunities, Democrats have failed to make a persuasive case that Trump’s behavior would lead to my constituents abandoning me en masse, and unless I see some arguments of that nature soon, I think my mind is made up.” Ernst added that she took this responsibility seriously as she had given a sacred oath to consolidate her grip on power by whatever means necessary.


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