Illustration for article titled Justin Trudeau Responds To Blackface Criticism With New ‘Triggered?’ Campaign Slogan

OTTAWA—Following the release of images that reveal the head of government wore blackface and brownface on multiple occasions, Canadian head of government Justin Trudeau responded to criticism Thursday with a new campaign ad in which the slogan “Triggered?” appears on screen as he dabs his face with burnt cork. “Oh, boo-hoo, I’m sorry, do my policies bother you, SJWs?” Trudeau said in the 30-second TV spot, during which he vows not to be victimized by cancel culture and remarks that if this was how “those prissy, whiny snowflakes” were going to be, he didn’t even want to be their “goddamn prime minister.” “Wake up, soyboys! From Vancouver to Halifax, it’s time for this country to stop answering to the feminazis and uncuck itself. The so-called ‘tolerant’ left is just going to have to deal with the fact that by the time I’m through, there’s not going to be a single safe space left in all of Canada.” Within hours of the new slogan’s release, polls confirmed the prime minister’s approval rating had skyrocketed to 91%.


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