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WASHINGTON—Assuming the subject would have at least been raised once during the past three days of confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh confirmed Thursday that he was surprised not one senator had questioned him about the fact that he never went to law school. “Honestly, I’m kind of shocked that these senators didn’t rake me over the coals for not having a law degree,” said Kavanaugh, noting that while he took a few political science classes in college and read SCOTUSBlog from time to time, he was really more of a legal hobbyist. “I’m happy to share my opinion on abortion and stuff, but, again, that isn’t grounded in any kind of legal background, per se. In fact, I actually majored in sports medicine.” Kavanaugh went on to note that despite not knowing exactly how the Supreme Court functioned, he was sure he would pick up on most of the U.S. judicial system’s quirks after a few weeks on the job.


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