Laura Bush Publishes Courageous Op-Ed Calling For Imprisonment Of Whoever Created ICE

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WASHINGTON—Standing up to the government agency in a blistering essay published in the Washington Post, former First Lady Laura Bush wrote a courageous op-ed Monday calling for the imprisonment of whoever created ICE. “Separating children from their parents is an unconscionable moral tragedy, and everyone involved should be held accountable, specifically whatever monster is responsible for bringing this criminal agency into existence,” wrote Bush in the op-ed, adding that there was nothing in ICE’s 15-year history to suggest that separating families and imprisoning children in cages was in any way a deviation from the agency’s intended purpose, and any official who says otherwise is either a liar or an idiot. “Whoever is responsible for this atrocity should be tried in the Hague and punished to the fullest extent of international law. Look, ICE was obviously intended to be a punitive, discriminatory organization—it’s under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security, for fuck’s sake. It’s a stain on America’s record. I ask you to join me in calling for whoever established this agency to be thrown into prison to rot. Fuck them.” Bush’s op-ed comes on the heels of fellow former First Lady Michelle Obama’s recent piece in the New York Times demanding full prosecution of whatever morally bankrupt political official permitted ICE to continue growing increasingly unaccountable and sadistic throughout the early 2010s.

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