Libertarian Candidate Worried After Latest Poll Shows Him 98 Points Behind

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HILLIARD, IA—Beginning to worry about his chances as he followed live Election Day media coverage, Libertarian Party House of Representatives candidate Maxwell Booth was reportedly concerned Tuesday after the latest polls showed him 98 points behind his competitors. “We knew it would be a tough race, but I have to admit, the final polls showing I’m dozens of percentage points behind the other candidates doesn’t fill me with a whole lot of confidence,” said Booth, who is running on the Libertarian Party ticket for the third consecutive election, stressing that polls showed him trailing his opponents by just 97 points as recently as last week. “This poll does have a four-point margin of error, so it’s entirely possible that I’m really receiving 4 percent or even 4.5 percent of the vote. It’s an uphill battle, of course, but who knows if those polls really capture the enthusiasm of voters out there, like the campaign sign of mine that one of my volunteers saw on someone’s lawn a few weeks ago. And if I can pull in .3 percent or even .4 percent of absentee ballots, I think we’re looking at really exceeding the pollsters’ expectations.” At press time, Booth and his three-person campaign staff were wondering if the election could tip their way after learning that early voting tallies had netted the candidate four votes.

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