LACONIA, NH—Promising that it would only take a second, Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham reportedly asked a nearby family Friday if they could take his picture for a photo op at a local fall harvest festival. “Would you folks mind getting a picture of me in front of these corn stalks?” said Graham, who reportedly had his request politely declined by several individuals before eventually finding a group of fairgoers who agreed to use the senator’s cell phone to take the photo he would post on his campaign website and distribute to the media. “Once you can see me on the screen, just push the button. Oh, hold on, let me turn the flash off. Actually, it might be good to take a couple shots just in case I wasn’t smiling or I blinked. Hopefully they don’t turn out blurry.” At press time, several people had reportedly walked through the frame, not realizing that Graham was posing for a picture.