Illustration for article titled Lindsey Graham Sheepishly Approaches Fox News Interns To See If Anybody Up For Grabbing Drink

WASHINGTON—Conspicuously remaining in the studio following his appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sheepishly approached a group of Fox News interns Wednesday evening to see if anyone was “up for grabbing drinks.” “Hey, gang! What do you say we all head down to Lyman’s for some brews and jalapeno poppers on me?” said Graham, addressing a group of 22-year-old summer interns working quietly and pretending not to hear the invitation. “I passed a couple of real dive bars on my way over here, so maybe we can get a game of darts going? That is if anyone thinks they can beat the Graham Man. So, you’re all busy? Okay. Right. Okay, I’m gonna head out there now, but if one of you can give me a phone number, I’ll snag us a booth and text you where I’m sitting.” Graham was seen two hours later in the parking lot, evidently holding back tears upon spotting the interns boarding an Uber on their way to a house party.


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