WASHINGTON—Seeking the customer service representative’s feedback on everything from his political platform to selecting personal anecdotes, South Carolina senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham reportedly stayed up all night Monday running campaign ideas by a toll-free telephone operator. “Here’s a couple possible campaign slogans I came up with; I’d love to hear what you think,” said the 60-year-old legislator, who periodically waited on hold so the operator could attend to other callers, as he spent a total of five hours on the line sharing first drafts of stump speeches and potential tactics for public outreach. “Okay, let me just run a few more things by you. I’m thinking about purchasing a few TV spots and wondered if you had any strong opinions on good time slots and markets. Also, if I call back later, do I have to go through the whole menu thing again, or can you just give me your extension?” When asked if there was anything else she could do for him, Graham reportedly requested to speak to the operator’s supervisor so he could get a second opinion on his debate strategy.


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