Illustration for article titled Marianne Williamson Sternly Addresses Homemade Trump Puppet About Immigration In Fiery Debate Exchange

DETROIT—Announcing to the moderators that she wanted to speak to the president directly, Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson sternly addressed a homemade Donald Trump puppet Tuesday about immigration in a fiery debate exchange. “To answer your question, I’d like to invite to the stage one of my staunchest enemies to tell him to his face that we will simply not let him treat immigrants in this country like criminals,” Williamson said to the hand-sewn Trump puppet with a felt suit and yellow hair, which she had taken from under her lectern and put on her hand, refusing to break her gaze with its googly eyes even after it had flapped its hands in distress and hung its head in shame. “Mr. President, we know who you are, and what you are. You are a bad man with hate in your heart, and Americans are not going to sit here while you erode the freedoms we hold so dear. I want you to take a look around, that’s right, take a long look around at all the people here tonight—Mr. Tapper, please let me finish—and remember that all of these people are going to stop your terrible agenda, with whatever it takes.” At press time, the Trump puppet was heard to squeak “I’m sorry,” at which point Williamson responded “We forgive you,” before kissing it on the head.


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