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WASHINGTON—In what is being described as a “close call” for the aircraft’s passengers and crew, sources reported that Melania Trump’s plane was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing Wednesday after thick plumes of smoke began billowing out of the first lady. “There was a strong burning smell, and as soon as we noticed the black smoke venting out of Mrs. Trump’s eye sockets and ear canals, we realized something was seriously wrong,” said crewmember Anton Chapman, adding that, despite routine maintenance checks of the first lady to prevent such incidents, occasional mishaps could still occur, especially when internal regulating systems malfunctioned. “Smoke started filling the cabin, and several members of the press pool began choking and gagging as we tried to contain the damage. Unfortunately, there was very little we could do before the fumes surrounding Mrs. Trump ignited and she burst into flames. Several staffers were severely impaired in the blast, and we had to make an emergency landing.” At press time, witnesses confirmed a crew of firefighters at the landing site was attempting to put out the still-burning first lady.


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