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NEW YORK—Following sentencing for his role in a hush-money scandal, Michael Cohen was granted a prison work release for a new job with the Trump 2020 campaign, sources confirmed Wednesday. “We’re confident that engaging in honest work will help Mr. Cohen with his rehabilitation,” said warden Pete Clements, telling reporters that having an opportunity to give back to society by serving as an advisor for the 2020 Trump presidential campaign would help Cohen see the error of his past behaviors. “Once he arrives in March, Mr. Cohen will be bused from our penitentiary to Trump’s Manhattan campaign office for an eight-hour work day before returning to prison each night. Mr. Cohen will be under strict supervision during these furloughs, which will allow him to use his skills for the betterment of the community and give him a chance to reintegrate into society.” Clements added that Cohen’s request for a position as the RNC’s 2020 deputy finance chairman had been denied over concerns that the work environment would make it too easy to backslide into criminality. 


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