Midterms 2018: Gubernatorial Races To Watch

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There are 36 governor seats up for election in the 2018 midterms, as Democrats seek to make up ground against the Republicans, who currently control two-thirds of the posts nationwide. The Onion presents a guide to the most important gubernatorial races in 2018.

Scott Walker vs. Tony Evers (Wisconsin):

Despite his lack of charisma and unpopular policies, Walker has managed to connect with Wisconsinites by spending millions of dollars on television ads.


Brian Kemp vs. Stacey Abrams (Georgia):

The Republican candidate happens to be in charge of voting in the state, and there’s nothing unusual or suspicious about that, so just stop worrying, okay?

Marc Molinaro vs. Andrew Cuomo (New York):

After a bruising primary, Republican Molinaro faces incumbent Republican Governor Cuomo.


Kim Reynolds vs. Fred Hubbell (Iowa):

The amount of time both candidates have spent in Iowa has led many pundits to speculate they may each be plotting a future presidential run.


Bruce Rauner vs. J.B. Pritzker (Illinois):

Democrat Pritzker is leading in the polls over incumbent Rauner, paving the way for Illinois’ governorship to get upgraded from a millionaire to a billionaire.


Shawn Moody vs. Janet Mills (Maine):

The country is keeping a close eye on this race in the hopes of discovering how many sexist and racist things a candidate can say before Maine elects a woman.


Kristi Noem vs. Billie Sutton (South Dakota):

Sutton is a former professional bronco rider, which may not have anything to do with governing but is nonetheless pretty badass.


Mike DeWine vs. Richard Cordray (Ohio):

As the campaign for the top spot in Ohio government heats up, the race for Ohio governor is absolutely pitting two Ohioans against each other.


Ron DeSantis vs. Andrew Gillum (Florida):

In some ways, it’s coastal Florida versus the panhandle, but in one major way, it’s a white racist versus a black guy.


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