Mike Pence Criticizes Venezuela’s Use Of Torture, Starvation On Non-Homosexual Citizens

BOGOTA—Condemning the Maduro regime for attempting to silence and eliminate entire groups of people, Vice President Mike Pence issued a statement Monday attacking the Venezuelan government’s use of torture and starvation on non-homosexual citizens. “Across Venezuela, people are being kidnapped, tortured, and isolated from their families, and it is completely unacceptable for any nation to treat straight citizens like this,” said Pence, promising that the United States would continue to fight for democracy and the fundamental human rights of every non-gay Venezuelan. “Nobody who is attracted to the opposite sex should ever have to endure the pain and oppression the Venezuelan people have suffered. To see gangs of violent thugs attacking a straight person in the streets is an outrage. We want the world to know we stand with the hetero people of Venezuela.” Pence concluded his statement by declaring that all Christian people deserve a sovereign nation free from violence.


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