Illustration for article titled Moderator Reminds Vice Presidential Debate Audience To Remain Silent When Exiting Early

FARMVILLE, VA—Halting the candidates’ exchange briefly to remind those in attendance to behave in a respectful and courteous manner, moderator Elaine Quijano reportedly instructed the vice presidential debate audience Tuesday to remain completely silent while exiting early. “I would like to remind everyone that they should be as quiet as possible while they gather their things, and to please refrain from talking or using your phones as you leave the auditorium so that viewers can hear the nominees’ remarks,” said Quijano before urging those who remained in the crowd to stifle their yawns until after the candidates completed their closing statements. “It’s crucial that you stay in a single-file line and make sure to keep moving in an orderly fashion so the aisles are clear for others attempting to leave their seats. And please abstain from slamming the door so as not to disturb those audience members who are sleeping.” Quijano added that any debate staff planning to duck out early should make sure to use the backstage doors to avoid interrupting the broadcast.


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