Netanyahu Defends New Alliance With Israel’s Far-Right Aryan Supremacy Party

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JERUSALEM—Insisting that criticism of the political partnership did not take into account the need for a coalition large enough to enact his agenda, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended Monday his new alliance with the country’s far-right Aryan Supremacy Party. “My detractors must look at the bigger picture here and understand that although everyone may not agree with their belief in the genetic superiority of the Aryan bloodline, they are ready and willing to work with me,” said Netanyahu, adding that he had made a pact to offer multiple cabinet positions to the far-right anti-Semitic extremist group in exchange for their support in the upcoming April election. “They may hold a fervent belief in white supremacy and militant observance of Christian Identity, but the Aryan Supremacy Party is more than just virulent advocates of racial violence; they’re also prepared to toil on my reelection campaign, and for that I think it’s fair to reward them. People need to focus less on their broad anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial and look at the positive ideas these skinheads can bring to my future coalition government. For example, our ideological attitude toward Arabs aligns almost perfectly.” When reached for comment, U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo was quick to say that the Trump administration would not take any position on the alliance during an Israeli election year. 


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