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DES MOINES, IA—Offering new insight into the preferences of Democratic voters, a poll released Tuesday by The Des Moines Register and CNN found that nearly 60 percent of likely Iowa caucus-goers would support a presidential candidate with the name Bobby Cheeseburger. “As many as 47 percent of those surveyed indicated that they’d vote for somebody called Bobby Cheeseburger in a heartbeat without even needing to know all his policy positions,” said pollster Emily Jones, telling reporters that almost a third of Iowans believed a guy named Bobby Cheeseburger could use his homespun wisdom and commitment to American values to bring real change to Washington. “Over half of respondents said they believe that a Bobby Cheeseburger candidacy would stand a strong chance of defeating Trump in the general election by bridging the gap between centrists and liberals as well as appealing to Republicans, and 40 percent said that, if elected, they believed Bobby Cheeseburger would restore our standing in the international community. This level of excitement so early in the primary is really startling, especially when you consider that voters’ second choice, a candidate named Bonnie Cheeseburger, is only polling at 15 percent.” Jones noted that the poll found there was less than 1 percent support for a candidate named Tommy Broccoli or former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper.


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