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WASHINGTON—Causing dread and consternation among significant swaths of registered voters, a series of Reuters-Ipsos polls released Tuesday increased fears that the 2018 midterm elections will be won by a wave of politicians. “Right now, many Americans are worried that the 2018 elections could be an absolute landslide for politicians, and everything we’re seeing seems to suggest that this is a very real cause for concern,” said McGill University political analyst Tasha Martin, warning that every predictor released by major polling organizations pointed to a “near-tsunami” of midterm gains for politicians and political figures, groups notorious for being selfish, out of touch with the general public, and corruptly bending to outside interests. “In fact, most predictions offer a nearly 100 percent chance that politicians will win both the House and Senate in November. For most Americans, seeing politicians completely in control of Congress might be enough to cause them to lose all faith in democracy.” Martin added that preliminary polling also raised the frightening specter of a politician taking the White House in 2020.

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