Illustration for article titled New Report Finds Adult Film Star May Have Paid Over $130,000 To Cover Up Sexual Encounter With Trump

NEW YORK—Alleging she was deeply concerned about the destructive effect the revelation could have on her reputation, a new report released Tuesday suggests that adult film star Stormy Daniels may have paid over $130,000 to cover up a sexual encounter with Donald Trump. “Newly uncovered legal documents seem to indicate that Ms. Daniels paid out six figures to keep Trump quiet about a sexual encounter that undoubtedly would have proved embarrassing and perhaps career-threatening,” said report coauthor Wendy Thorpe, adding that the star of films such as Tit Happens and Love Potion 69 was so desperate to keep the liaison under wraps that she insisted on using pseudonyms in the settlement to protect her identity if it was ever discovered. “In addition to Ms. Daniels, we have identified at least four other women who each paid out more than $100,000 in order to bury humiliating stories about their potentially ruinous trysts with Trump. Understandably, each of the women was deeply concerned that he would go public and completely destroy their careers.” At press time, Daniel’s lawyers had issued a statement condemning the report and claiming that any insinuation of a sexual relationship between Donald Trump and their client was nothing more than a “shameful and outrageous” attempt to defame her.


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