New Ted Cruz Attack Ad Declares Beto O’Rourke Too Good For Texas

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AUSTIN, TX—Emphasizing that the state had done nothing so far to merit anything besides the status quo, a new attack ad released Thursday by incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz declared that his challenger, Rep. Beto O’Rourke, was “too good” for Texas. “He’s charismatic, he’s good-looking, he’s clearly a nice guy—and frankly, you don’t deserve someone like that,” says Cruz during the 30-second TV spot, in which he is seen sitting on a living room sofa with his wife and children who stare silently into the camera and intermittently nod in agreement. “If you elect him, he’s going to come in here, listen to what you have to say, and then incorporate that into the way he governs. What makes you think you’ve done anything to earn that kind of treatment? I mean, if you really have your heart set on somebody who is well-liked and wants to work to bring all Texans together, then go ahead, vote for him. But that’s not what Texas stands for—at least not the Texans I represent.” The ad then closes with a close-up on the senator’s face and the appearance of a new slogan, “Ted Cruz: What Texas Has Coming To It.”


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